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2021 Marine Corps Tankers Association Scholarship Program
For eligible qualified dependents of Marine Corps Tankers  and dependents of military members who served in a Marine Corps Tank Battalion, it's time to apply for Academic Year 2021 Dependents, including spouses , children, and up to grandson or daughter of a Marine Tanker may apply. The applicant may also be an active duty or reserve Marine Tanker or Marine in another occupational specialty serving with a Marine Tank Unit. Applicants must be a graduation high school senior or a full time student , with at least 12 units in an accredited junior college, 4-year college, or university. The application process is comprehensive and all interested applicants should begin as soon as possible. The process, including an application form, an essay, evaluation of full-time student status, official school status, official school transcript, two letters of recommendation, extracurricular/school activities and "need" are evaluated by committee. Scholarship winners and notifications of awards were be done during April and May 2021. Applicants receiving 2019 and earlier Marine Corps Tankers Association  (MCTA) Scholarships may apply for continuation  for 2021 . Each subsequent application must be new and complete. Applications for continued awards should emphasize achievement since the previous application and will be evaluated on its merits with all applications submitted. Recipients may apply for up to four years of scholarships. Each year requires all basic qualifications  and a complete reapplication. MCTA Scholarships represent a significant financial benefit. Applicants are encouraged to compile the best application possible. Accuracy, legibility, and composition that reflect the merit of the applicant are important in the evaluation process. The application forms and all program eligibility requirement can be downloaded from this web site at the links  provided at the bottom of the page.

All scholarship applications along with accompanying required documentation must be mailed to Steve Chambers, MCTA President. 1922 S Freeman St, Oceanside, CA 92054.  All requirements for the scholarship application remain the same. All questions regarding scholarships should be emailed to
Please send transcripts and letters under separate correspondence or with the application package in their original sealed envelopes. Be sure to provide complete contact information with your mailing address, best telephone number and email address. 
The number of scholarships to be awarded in 2021 will be based on Marine Corps Tankers Foundation revenues and sustaining contributions. MCTA members and parties interested in contributing the Scholarship Fund or obtaining more information about the MCTA Scholarship Program are invited to contact Steve Chambers MCTA President at Congratulations to our 2020 scholarship winners. A list of awardees is provided below. Be sure to renew your application: succeed in school and keep in touch. Again, this year, the MCTA and all marine Tankers extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Greg LiCalzi and his entire family and their "Ace in the Hold" Foundation for their generous support of the MCTA Scholarship Program.
MCTA Scholarship Program Award Winners

The Marine Corps Tankers Association Scholarship Program continues for 2020 as a core activity of the Marine Corps Tankers Association. The 2020 MCTA First Lieutenant Michael LiCalzi Memorial Scholarship and the John Cornelius, Max English memorial Scholarship attracted 18 exceptional young men and women.  The quality of applicants for 2020 can only be described as exceptional. This year, as in the past 6 years, the exceptional generosity of the LiCalzi Family's Ace in the Hole Foundation, enabled the award of 7 scholarships in memory of 1stLt Michael LiCalzi. 1stLt Michael LiCalzi heroically gave his life in combat in Iraq, along with the crew of his M1A1 tank. Mr Glen LiCalzi, Michael's twin brother, established the scholarship in his brother's memory. As it has since 2014, the 1stLt Michael LiCalzi Scholarship provides a $3000 stipend to exceptionally well qualified college bound and university students who are dependents of Marine tankers. This year, seven outstanding applicants were selected for the 1stLt Michael LiCalzi memorial Scholarship. Each winning applicant will receive $3000 dollars. Eleven applications were selected for the John Cornelius-Max English Scholarship. Each of those scholarship winners will receive a $2000 stipend.

1st Lt Michael LiCalzi Scholarship Winners 
Isabella Kehoe
Madison Szczygiel
Krysyan Edler
Emma Bodisch
Rachel McCarthy
Caitlyn Sigafose
Jack Henry
John Cornelius/ Max English Scholarships
Josephine Vardell
Noelle Nafus
Anna Fretwell
Mary Spaar
Jon Spaar
Ryan Storer
Aiden Donovan
Maximus Cuozzi
Emily Young
Karsin Cloeter
Mark Decicco
How to Apply for Scholarship
Complete the Application (pages 3 and 4) and mail the application along with all of your supporting documentation listed in the Application.  You may add additional pages if necessary.  Entire packet must be postmarked no later than March 15th, 2021
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